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​Aviva Bass-Huh, PsyD, licensed clinical psychologist offers family and individual therapy in Boulder. 

What Works?

Studies show that there are certain practices that work to facilitate improvement with children and families. I use these evidence-based treatments-meaning my work is informed by what the science says. 

Starting with an evidence-based treatment that we agree is the best match for your needs means that we have a better chance that you will see improvements sooner and that your situation will improve at a faster rate. 

Between sessions

​I ask clients to notice patterns or practice new skills in order to help them accomplish their goals in a timely manner. 

Throughout treatment

we evaluate the effectiveness of therapy and your satisfaction with treatment to ensure that you get the results you want.

Who's in Treatment?

When preschool and elementary-aged children are having difficulties, my focus of treatment is first the parents, then the child, then the school

Parents are the most important and influential people in the lives of younger children.  A therapist spends an hour a week with a child; a school teacher spends about 30 hours; the parent is there the other 137 hours!

Although they may want things to be different, many children need outside support and motivators to help them put in the effort required for change to occur. For this reason, I work with parents and sometimes teachers on how to support and encourage children to apply skills they have learned in therapy to their lives.


When teenagers are having difficulties, I respect their preference to work either individually or with their family.

Toddlers to Tee​ns

anxious, challenging, moody children

Effective techniques for parents & their 

Dr. Aviva Bass-Huh

Parenting Made Pleasant

Parent as Coach

Although many parents approach treatment with the idea that children go to therapy to “fix” them, my approach relies on training you, the parent, as a THERAPEUTIC COACH.

The usual parenting strategies just don’t work as well with kids who have challenging temperaments. Parents of these children need a more sophisticated repertoire of parenting skills.  

How I Can Help

I will empower you with tools that will allow you to improve your relationship with your child, prevent difficulties, and confidently address issues when they arise.

When a child is being disruptive at school/preschool, I observe the child in the school setting and  give recommendations to the staff for managing and addressing the child's behavior. I also offer live coaching to support teachers in using the recommended strategies with the child.

P​arent as Therapeutic Coach

Evidence-Based Treatments